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Steven Hensel

Principal Interior Designer

Steven Hensel of Hensel Design Studios creates contemporary interiors through an artist's eye. Trained as a fine artist, Steven has founded several companies including Artex Designs textiles and Studio Steel furniture, architectural details, and artworks – all represented nationwide. In 1996, Steven consolidated his companies into one entity, Hensel Design Studios, providing interior design services to its clients.

Balancing the principals of fine art ~ scale and proportion, texture and color, line and form, translucency and transparency ~ Steven Hensel creates tranquil living spaces that are as unique as his clients. Lifestyle, sense of place, and the client's vision are primary criteria for each design, creating a residence that is true to its environment, and the people who live there. Every home benefits from Steven's holistic approach, resulting in nature-inspired interiors that obscure the lines between indoors and out.

Focusing primarily on residential interiors, the Hensel Design team takes a hands-on approach to every project. With Steven as the lead, Hensel Design Studios delivers an exceptionally high level of client satisfaction.

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